The most important thing that we look for in Marathon GamersĀ applicants is that they have a positive attitude! We want people that enjoy broadcasting and use their stream to promote a loving community. We look for streamers that devote time to their stream with a consistent and frequent streaming schedule. On top of being positive, entertaining, and consistent we look for streamers that put serious effort into their stream. This means that the stream has a professional look and feel without compromising entertainment.

WHAT IS Marathon Gamers?

Marathon Gamers is a growing group of friends and family that have come together to help raise money for various charities by doing what we do best, playing games. Our main events are gaming marathons, which like a running marathon, involve us playing games for an extended period of time. We also love streaming for fun outside our main events.

HOW CAN I JOIN Marathon Gamers?

If you have read through all of this information and think you would be a good fit for Marathon GamersĀ please fill out the form below to apply.

Marathon Gamers Network

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