Jun 02

St. Jude and The Summer Marathon

It’s time to blow off the dust and get ready for another marathon!


It’s been over a year since the last post on this site, the previous marathon we did was The Battle of the Marathons, a huge success and we are hoping to continue that success in 2014 with the Summer Marathon of Friendship!


June 20th starts the 48 hour event with all proceeds going to St. Jude’s Hospital, as usual no money is touched by Marathon Gamers as every donation goes directly into the St. Jude Paypal through ImRaising. The idea behind the marathon is to play games that we all enjoy(or hate) playing with our friends, games like Super Smash Bros., Left 4 Dead, and Mario Party. We’ve also got a couple little gaming twists planned as well as the return of the highly requested “Donate A Shot”!


This may be a short marathon though it won’t be without its excitement and we hope to see everyone in the chat interacting with the gamers and making sure they stay up for the entire marathon!



Apr 05

This Season!

Alright folks, finally getting around to making a new post. To start things off, we had a pretty good turnout for our most recent marathon at the end of March and raised just over $450 in just 24 hours!

And now for what’s to come, our next big event will be starting on May 17th, in which most of the local Gamers will be attending our local Relay for Life for most of the 24 hour period. After leaving the Relay we will be setting up in a new location for another big marathon. The marathon will start on the 18th of May and go until Sunday night, hoping to reach about 36 hours.

All donations raised for these events are going to The American Cancer Society.

Oct 02

A Thanks From All of Us at Marathon Gamers

Dear friends, family, fans, and supporters

We at Marathon Gamers wanted to take a minute to thank you all for helping us pull off another very successful marathon. This marathon we tried to set our sights high by setting a lofty donation goal, putting on the marathon outside of a dorm room, and finally attempting the gaming race we’ve wanted to do for so long. For the most part, we were largely successful.

Some things went wrong during this marathon, including not being able to get on Xbox Live and having to stream the show over WiFi; however, your support: the most important aspect of the event, was just as strong as ever. Through your support we were able meet and then far exceed our goals, and have a blast doing it. We are confident that your donation will be greatly appreciated by the children at the Children’s Hospital of Alabama, and we are very excited to be able to give to such a deserving cause.

We can’t wait to do it all again.

Thanks again for all your support,
The Marathon Gamers

Sep 25

Info On The Gaming Race Happening During The Marathon

During this next marathon we will be pitting two teams together in our first Marathon Gamer’s Gaming Race! The teams will be the Grizzled Ancients, consisting of Josh, Chris, Trey, and Matt; and the MG Juniors, which will be Tyler, Alex, Jake, and Michael. The race will consist of three games: Star Fox 64, Portal 2, and Left 4 Dead.

And now for how you can participate! Are you planning on donating and maybe wanting to wait during a certain time? Well this is that time! With your donation you are able to slow down your team of choice in three different tiers of “power-downs”.

$1-5: Your choice of team and player to play blindfolded. $1/minute.

$6-10: Your choice of team and player to play with only one hand. $1/minute.

$11-15: Your choice of team and player to play upside down. $1/minute.

For your power-down to go into effect you will need to either comment through the Paypal donation or on the ChipIn page after donating. If a player isn’t specified then the team will flip a coin to see who takes the penalty, if stacking comes into play and a player is not specified, the team will get to pick who takes it, either stacking on the original gamer, or both other gamer taking the penalty.

The donors of the winning team who have donated to help that team by hurting the other team(still with me?) will get entered into a drawing for some prizes!

Sep 20

The Marathon Gamers 2nd Annual Fall Marathon


We are just 7 days away from the start of our 72 hour marathon benefiting the Children’s Hospital of Alabama. We are all very excited to be hosting our next event and we are hoping this will be the biggest yet! Our goal for the event is to raise $1,000 that will be directly sent to the Children’s Hospital of Alabama that is in Birmingham, AL.

More details of what will be happening during the event will be posted within the week so stay tune! And if you wish to donate, click below!

Aug 26

We Are Back!

After a long month, we have finally brought our site back online. As you can see, our database was corrupted, so we were not able to bring back any posts made prior to our server switch, which also added to the estimated time to bring the entire site back online.


Please be patient while we fill our information back in and be on the look out for our next marathon, hoping to have real soon!